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Design tender
and renovation

European Quarter
Brussels, Belgium

LV-NRW - Office - BRUSSELS >

LV-NRW is the representative office in Brussels of North Rhine-Westphalia - the most populous and economically important region in Germany. Relocated in 2007 to a large, modern premises in the heart of the European Quarter in Brussels, LV-NRW "is the point of contact for political and business leaders and those from the culture sector as well as universities and research establishments", and in this capacity welcomes thousands of visitors a year as well as hosting events and presentations.

The modernization and development of some public areas in the LV-NRW was put out to tender, and with the successful proposal of a futuristic suspended lighting concept, SGIA was contracted to refresh some offices and refurbish and modernize conference/function rooms to maximise their flexibilty of use. Rooms were re-painted and the large changing-colour light feature was installed in the conference hall along with a mixture of hundreds of coloured LED lights, spots and light applications, and installation of a new event system and new furniture. The modernized event system means that the lights can be adapted to suit any event (lights changed to communicate brand colours - lower lighting for evening events, spot lights for talks/performances) making the reception/function rooms attractive and able to suit the needs of a more diverse range of clients.

European Quarter
Brussels, Belgium

480 m² (estimated)

Delivered 01/2016

Design concept/Space Planning
Ordering and
Coordination of Refurbishment
Project Management
Project Execution


Sophie Green
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Sophie Green
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Sophie Green Interior Architecture

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